Thinking of booking a private caravan. Do you need to book the entertainment. Or will you get passes.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions!

Firstly, yes you will get passes(wristbands) when booking a caravan privately. Owners have to buy and supply these passes for your family/group.

First the good news. Most venues and activities are free-flow, meaning that booking is not required, or even possible.

Some Butlin’s own guests have the ability to book shows in Studio 36 and Centre stage. I say “some” because there is only a certain amount of pre-booking available, so you may go to the plan your break, and find that there are no spaces left. In these cases, like private caravan guests, you would have to join the non-booked queue at these two venues.

Some children’s activities are bookable, and private caravan owners must do this after arrival at Caravan Reception. This includes payable activities.

Advice – try not to plan your holiday too strictly – the more popular shows are on more than once in a day. You may find that the earlier shows have more availability, especially when the weather is nice!

Some people queue for ages to get into the shows – fine if you like queuing, if you don’t, just turn up 15 minutes before the show time – you may not get a good seat, but you will have not been standing in a queue for an hour first!