We arrive in April Fri-Mon if we decide not to do the dining plans… is there places you can still go and eat at? I just don’t want to pay for the Friday evening meal and the Monday breakfast if we won’t be there to have it.

Marie (Facebook)

Yes there is Burger King, Fish and Chips, Chicken shop, Pizza shop and the main pub restaurant

Tayah (Facebook)

There is Firehouse which is kind of like Nandos, Ludos which is an Italian place, The Beachcomber which is pub grub kind of on a Wetherspoons level, Burger King, The Diner which is burgers and loaded fries etc, Rock & Sole which is a chippy… You can also eat in Coast, Coral Beach, Yacht Club and The Deck when not on a dining plan if they have the availability… There’s a burger van just out of the back beach gate too which I’m told is lovely… Also The Supermarket (or most people call it Spar as it used to be) they sell breakfast rolls, sandwiches and pastries xx

Kezz (Facebook)