Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the standard room. I was worrying and wondered how I’d cope in a single room with a two year old I really did imagine a room just big enough for a bed and a suitcase. The room is quite spacious and loads of storage 2 wardrobes, 2 bedside drawers, a medium size chest of draws, hooks for coats and bags, 2 chairs, a little hall which fits my big bulky pram. I’m so happy I’ve put all the bits I was worried I’d be constantly asking my little girl not to touch out of the way. And there were 3 toilet rolls and soap. Plus a big full length mirror in the wardrobe. I was thinking I’d get an apartment next year but I’ll just stick to standard can’t believe how great this is for the price 😊

Geraldine (Facebook)

Categories: Accomodation